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Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is a dedicated platform that brings together uplifting news, positive stories, and inspiring content. By focusing on the brighter side of life, aims to motivate and uplift its readers, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional news sources.

The Concept offers various features that focus on positive living and motivation:

  • Uplifting News Stories: A daily collection of positive news stories from around the world.
  • Inspirational Articles and Blogs: Written by experts and contributors on topics like personal growth, success, and happiness.
  • Community Interaction: Forums and social media integration to connect like-minded individuals.
  • Podcasts and Videos: Featuring motivational speakers, success stories, and inspiring content.
  • Subscription Newsletter: Weekly or monthly newsletters with featured stories, quotes, and exclusive content.


  • Comprehensive Search and Navigation: Easy access to different content categories.
  • User Submissions: Allowing readers to share their own inspiring stories.
  • Responsive Design: For a convenient reading experience on various devices.
  • Collaboration with Authors: Partnership with writers, motivational speakers, and content creators.

Target Market

  • Individuals seeking motivation, inspiration, and positive perspectives.
  • Corporate entities looking for uplifting content for employee engagement.
  • Educational institutions focusing on character building and personal development.

Investment Requirements

  • Development Team: 1 developer, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Webmaster: Cost: 120,000 CHF per year.
  • Design Team: 1 designer, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Project Manager: Cost: 140,000 CHF per year. Redakteur/Redaktor:
  • Cost: 120,000 CHF per year. Marketing Specialist:
  • Cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Workspace Costs: 12,000 CHF per person per year for a total of 7 persons.
  • Marketing Budget: 1,000,000 CHF per year for 3 years.
  • Administration: 6% of the total costs.

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Personnel: 1,380,000 CHF
  • Workspace Costs: 252,000 CHF
  • Marketing: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: 261,792 CHF (6% of the total costs)
  • Total: 4,893,792 CHF

Revenue Model and Profitability

  • Subscription Plans: Offering premium content and features.
  • Ad Revenue: From related product companies and service providers.
  • Sponsored Content: Collaborations with brands promoting positive living.
  • Merchandising: Sale of inspirational merchandise and books.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partnering with relevant businesses and earning commissions. aims to be profitable within 3 years of launch, focusing on growth and becoming the go-to destination for positive and inspiring content.

Conclusion seeks to fill a unique niche by exclusively focusing on the positive aspects of life. With an investment of 4,893,792 CHF over 3 years, it’s poised to become a prominent platform for those seeking inspiration, motivation, and a refreshing perspective on the world. By combining various media formats, offers a comprehensive experience that transcends traditional news platforms.


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