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Welcome to the world of digital innovation, where creativity and technology are constantly creating new things. H+M MEDIA AG and Ugauga GmbH are two companies founded by Adnan Marasligil and Yvonne Heiniger – the driving forces behind the inspiring vision.

H+M MEDIA AG always strives to use the latest technologies to offer its customers the best service and to be successful in the digital world. With their passion and expertise, Adnan Marasligil and Yvonne Heiniger are actively involved in the founding, initiation and operation of several successful internet portals and brands. Their mission is to shape the future digitally by delivering high-quality solutions that align with the changing demands of the digital age.

Ugauga GmbH is more than just a company dedicated to the world of digital and crypto technology, art and social engagement. It is a community of like-minted people who explore the fascinating world of blockchain and digital and use the power of technology to create a better future. Ugauga GmbH is behind projects such as the “Lucky Charm Eggheads“, a collection of 10,000 unique digital works of art that can be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. These Eggheads are not only digital collectibles, but also a source of joy and inspiration integrated into the Ugauga universe (Eggheads.World)

The connection between H+M MEDIA AG and Ugauga GmbH creates a synergy that encompasses both the traditional world of media and communication and the emerging world of cryptotechnology and blockchain. It combines expertise in brand development, design, online media, art, blockchain, communications and journalism to provide customized solutions and services that meet the unique needs of users.

The collaboration between Yvonne and Adnan, who bring their respective strengths and experiences, makes it possible to handle projects of any size and complexity, from the creation of own tokens to the design of NFT collections to the development of internet portals and brands. Their shared vision is to help users achieve their goals by offering a wide range of services focused on digital transformation.

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Discover the possibilities offered by H+M MEDIA AG and Ugauga GmbH and let us shape the digital future together.

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