About Us
The route is the goal.

We enjoy our work and are pleased with the results.

About us

At H+M MEDIA Group we believe that the journey is the reward. We believe that work must bring joy to us, our customers and our employees in order to ignite creativity and achieve the desired results.

Our thinking is shaped by the close connection between communication, brand development and electronic media. As experts in this field, we mainly focus on designing, developing, publishing and maintaining our own products and marketing channels.

Our strength lies in the methodical development of brand and product identities and their visual and verbal implementation. We regard products as personalities that are shaped by their origin, their skills and their visions. Our goal is to bring these personalities to the fore in the market environment.

We attach great importance to the unmistakable character of each brand and the targeted placement of its messages. Through our attention to detail and the specific needs of our clients, we develop tailor-made solutions to achieve the desired impact.

At H+M MEDIA Group, we strive to have a positive impact on our customers’ successes. We work closely with them to strengthen their brands, engage their target audience and improve their business results. Our team of experts bring their creative skills and technical know-how to develop innovative solutions that meet the demands of the digital age.

Our passion for excellent work drives us to continuously strive for excellence. We are proud of our achievements and of the long-term relationships we have built with our customers. Together with them we have achieved impressive results and established ourselves as a trusted partner in the media industry.

Learn more about us and discover how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for more information and to start a successful cooperation.

Yvonne Heiniger
(CEO, Founder, Managing Director and Vice President)
Adnan Marasligil
(CTO, Founder, CEO and President)
(Security Chief Officer)
Mikki Rasiah
(Commercial staff)
Mithula Raveendran
(Commercial clerk)
Ernst Heiniger
(Strategy and financial advice on mandate level)