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Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is a market-leading marketplace for winter travel, specializing in tourism offers from Switzerland. As a perfect complement to our successful portal, we enable our tourism partners to present their winter packages to a broad German-speaking audience.

The Concept

Our ambition for goes far beyond the current offering. We plan to make the portal a platform for all industries that want to provide attractive winter offers. From ski holidays to city trips – will be the first stop for the best offers of the winter season.


  • Partnerships with tourism providers
  • Integration with other portals like
  • Expansion to international offers
  • Strict quality control for a first-class user experience

Target Market

Focus on the German-speaking market, with future expansion to international providers.

Investment Requirements

Personnel per Year

  • 2 Designer: CHF 180.000
  • 1 Developer: CHF 110,000
  • 1 Webmaster: CHF 80.000
  • 1 Marketing Specialist: CHF 120,000

Marketing Budget per Year

  • CHF 1.000.000

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Total Staff: CHF 1,470,000
  • Marketing: CHF 3.000.000
  • Other Investments: CHF 90,000

Investment Sum

  • CHF 4.560.000

Revenue Model and Profitability

With the planned expansion, we offer an attractive opportunity to enter the growing market for winter offers. The expansion of the portal will open to both Swiss and international providers, without losing focus on quality and attractiveness. en. Expected revenues will be generated through commissions, advertising, and partnerships.

Conclusion is on the verge of an exciting growth phase that offers high potential for returns. The opportunity to be part of this dynamic project should not be missed. Together, we can build into the leading platform for winter offers and create unforgettable winter experiences for our users.

Ready to shape the future of winter packages with us? Let’s work together to provide the ultimate winter experience for our customers!

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