Revolutionizing Ticketing with QR Code Technology

Investment Overview for «Ticketomat.com»


Ticketomat.com is an advanced ticketing platform focused on delivering a seamless ticket purchasing and event entry experience. By integrating QR Code technology, the platform aims to facilitate quick, secure, and hassle-free ticketing solutions for various events, including concerts, sports games, conferences, and festivals.

The Concept

Ticketomat.com offers key features such as:

  • Unified Event Ticketing: Host tickets for a broad array of events globally.
  • Real-Time Booking: Instant access to ticket availability.
  • QR Code Integration: Generate unique QR Codes for each ticket to enhance security and ease of entry.
  • Exclusive Offers: Special discounts and packages through strategic partnerships.
  • Robust Security: Secure payment processing and encrypted QR Codes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation, purchase, and management of tickets.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Tailored event suggestions based on user preferences.
  • Dedicated Support: Reliable customer support for inquiries and issues.

Target Market

  • Regular Event Attendees
  • Tourists Looking for Local Events
  • Event Organizers and Venues

Investment Requirements

  • Development Team: 3 developers, cost: 120,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Design Team: 1 designer, cost: 80,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Project Manager: Cost: 100,000 CHF per year.
  • Marketing Specialist: Cost: 80,000 CHF per year.
  • Betrieb & Kundenbetreuung: Kosten: 150.000 CHF pro Jahr.
  • Marketing Budget: 1,000,000 CHF per year for 3 years.
  • Workspace Costs: 10,000 CHF per person per year for 7 persons.
  • Administration: 6% of the total costs.

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Personal: 1.230.000 CHF
  • Workspace Costs: 210.000 CHF
  • Marketing: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: $263,400 (6% of the total costs)
  • Total: $4,703,400

Revenue Model and Profitability

  • Service Fees: For listings and transactions.
  • Subscription Plans: For featured listings and promotions.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: Additional revenue from related services.
  • Ticketomat.com aims to be profitable within 3 years of launch.


Ticketomat.com represents a pioneering solution in the event ticketing industry, with QR Code technology at its core. With an investment of $4,703,400 over 3 years, Ticketomat.com is positioned to become a global leader in the ticketing market. The platform’s unique approach to security, convenience, and customer engagement offers an appealing opportunity for investment.