The Intelligent Sharing and Exchange Platform for Sustainable Living

Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is a comprehensive platform aimed at promoting intelligent and efficient use of resources through sharing, renting, and exchanging various items within a community. It empowers individuals and businesses to minimize waste, save money, and foster social connections.

The Concept encompasses several intelligent features, including:

  • Sharing Platform: Allows users to share items they no longer need.
  • Rental Marketplace: Enables renting equipment, tools, and more.
  • Exchange Hub: Facilitates bartering and trading of goods.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages community interaction and networking.
  • Environmental Focus: Promotes sustainability and responsible consumption.


  • Comprehensive Search and Navigation.
  • Secure Transaction Processing.
  • User Ratings and Reviews.
  • Mobile App for convenient access.
  • Integrated Messaging System for users.

Target Market

  • Individuals looking to save money and minimize waste.
  • Small businesses needing temporary access to tools and equipment.
  • Environmental enthusiasts supporting sustainable living.
  • Communities seeking to foster connections and support.

Investment Requirements

  • Development Team: 2 developers, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Design Team: 1 designer, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Project Manager: Cost: 140,000 CHF per year.
  • Marketing Specialist: Cost: 100,000 CHF per year.
  • Webmaster: Cost: 80,000 CHF per year.
  • Workspace Costs: 12,000 CHF per person per year for 7 persons.
  • Marketing Budget: 1,000,000 CHF per year for 3 years.
  • Administration: 6% of the total costs.

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Personnel: 1,340,000 CHF
  • Workspace Costs: 252,000 CHF
  • Marketing: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: 258,552 CHF (6% of the total costs)
  • Total: 4,850,552 CHF

Revenue Model and Profitability

  • Service Fees: For listings, rentals, and transactions.
  • Subscription Plans: Offering premium features and benefits.
  • Ad Revenue: From related companies and service providers.
  • aims to be profitable within 3 years of launch.

Conclusion brings together the principles of sharing, renting, and exchanging in a single, user-friendly platform. With an investment of 4,850,552 CHF over 3 years, it’s poised to become a leading solution for intelligent resource management and community engagement.


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