The Child-Friendly Search Engine

Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is an innovative child-friendly search engine designed to provide children with a safe and fun gateway to explore the internet. Created with simplicity and safety in mind, this platform aims to be a trusted resource for parents, educators, and children alike.

The Concept focuses on delivering age-appropriate and filtered search results to ensure an online environment free from harmful or inappropriate content. It’s more than just a search engine; it’s a learning and discovery tool tailored for the young minds.


  • Safe Search Filters: Advanced algorithms to block inappropriate content.
  • Educational Focus: Curated search results that promote learning and creativity.
  • Parental Controls: Customizable settings for parents to have control over the content.
  • Interactive Interface: A colorful and engaging interface designed for children.
  • Community Engagement: Forums and guides for parents and teachers to share insights and recommendations.

Target Market

Families with children, schools, educational institutions, and anyone interested in providing children with a secure online search experience.

Investment Requirements

  • Development Team: 3 developers, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Design Team: 1 designer, cost: 100,000 CHF per year.
  • Marketing Team: 2 marketing specialists, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Project Manager: Cost: 140,000 CHF per year.
  • Workspace Costs: 12,000 CHF per person per year for a total of 7 persons.
  • Marketing Budget: 1,000,000 CHF per year for 3 years.
  • Administration: 6% of the total costs.

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Personnel: 1,400,000 CHF (3 developers, 1 designer, 2 marketing specialists, 1 project manager)
  • Workspace Costs: 252,000 CHF
  • Marketing: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: 270,816 CHF (6% of the total costs)
  • Total: 4,922,816 CHF

Revenue Model and Profitability will generate revenue through various channels:

  • Subscription Services: Premium features and parental controls.
  • Educational Partnerships: Collaborations with schools and educational platforms.
  • Kid-Friendly Advertising: Non-intrusive advertisements suitable for children.

The platform aims to be profitable within 3 years of launching, with potential expansion into related children’s digital products and services

Conclusion represents an exceptional opportunity to invest in a platform that prioritizes children’s safety online. With a well-structured investment of 4,922,816 CHF over 3 years, this project has the potential to become a go-to resource for child-safe internet browsing. Its unique focus and well-planned revenue streams position it for success in a market that values responsible technology for children.


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