Lucky Charm Eggheads

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Investment Overview for «Lucky Charm Eggheads»


Lucky Charm Eggheads is a collection of 10,000 unique computer-generated Egghead portraits that can be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection represents more than just digital art; it presents a unique opportunity for NFT enthusiasts and investors to become part of an exciting creative project.

The Concept

Each Lucky Charm Egghead is one-of-a-kind, created through a proprietary algorithm. These unique NFTs can be worn as digital jewelry, exhibited online, or traded on marketplaces.


  • Unique Artworks: Each Lucky Charm Egghead is unique and distinctive.
  • Easy Minting: The ability to mint a Lucky Charm Egghead for only 0.0099 ETH + gas fees.
  • Marketplace Integration: Buy, sell, and collect Lucky Charm Eggheads on OpenSea or other marketplaces.

Target Market

Everyone interested in the world of NFTs and digital art, from beginners to experienced collectors and investors.

Investment Requirements

Minting Costs:

  • Price per Lucky Charm Egghead: 0.0099 ETH
  • Transaction Costs (Fees): Variable depending on network conditions

Total Costs

Per Lucky Charm Egghead: 0.0099 ETH + transaction costs

Potential Appreciation

Lucky Charm Eggheads could appreciate in value, depending on demand, rarity of specific features, and overall development of the NFT market.


Lucky Charm Eggheads offers an accessible and thrilling opportunity to dive into the world of NFTs. With a clear focus on uniqueness and creativity, this collection is an enrichment for every digital art lover. Participation is simple and requires a small investment of just 0.0099 ETH plus transaction fees. Become part of the Lucky Charm Eggheads community today and mint your own unique piece of art.

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