Connecting Hearts Across Boundaries

Investment Overview for «Datinx.com»


Datinx.com is envisioned as a universal dating platform that caters to a broad audience with varying relationship goals and interests. With innovative features and personalized touchpoints, it aims to create meaningful connections and a sense of community. This investment proposal outlines the key aspects of the Datinx.com project.

The Concept

Datinx.com seeks to transcend conventional dating by providing a platform that is inclusive, versatile, and user-centric. From casual friendships to serious relationships, Datinx.com aims to facilitate connections that resonate with every individual’s unique preferences.


  • Personalized Profiles: Tailoring user experiences through detailed profiles.
  • Intelligent Matching Algorithms: Connecting users based on compatibility and preferences.
  • Communication Tools: Facilitating interaction through chat, video calls, and more.
  • Community Events: Hosting events to enhance community engagement.
  • Safety Protocols: Implementing rigorous safety measures to protect user privacy.

Target Market

Datinx.com aims to reach individuals across all age groups and backgrounds interested in dating, irrespective of their relationship aspirations.

Investment Requirements

Total Cost (for 3 years):

  • Development Personnel (3): 900,000 CHF
  • Marketing Personnel (2): 600,000 CHF
  • Designer (1): 300,000 CHF
  • Webmaster (1): 300.000 CHF
  • Project Leader (1): 420,000 CHF
  • Workplace Costs: 84,000 CHF
  • Marketing Costs: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: 6% of total costs
  • Total: 5,762,320 CHF

Revenue Model and Profitability

Datinx.com plans to generate revenue through:

  • Freemium Model: Offering both free and premium memberships.
  • In-App Purchases: Selling additional features and virtual goods.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with businesses related to dating experiences.

The platform’s scalability and diverse revenue streams are projected to provide an appealing return on investment.


Datinx.com presents an exciting opportunity to invest in a forward-thinking dating platform that understands and accommodates the multifaceted nature of human connections. By embracing inclusivity and technological innovation, Datinx.com positions itself as a leader in the modern dating landscape. Investors seeking to participate in a growth-oriented venture with potential for substantial market impact are invited to explore this opportunity further.


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