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Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is a revolutionary internet portal, serving as an open directory for all kinds of online content. rom websites to apps, it offers a central hub for users to search for quality, relevant content. The portal provides guidance and security with screenshots, ratings, and reviews.

The concept is more than just a web catalog. It’s a collaborative portal where users can register landing pages with screenshots, rate and review them. The focus is on the quality of content and the safety of users. Features


  • Search and Navigation: Easy search and navigation across the entire database.
  • User Ratings: Users can rate and review content.
  • Screenshots: Landing pages are depicted with screenshots.
  • Collaborative Entries: Users can add and maintain content themselves.

Target Market

Online users worldwide seeking a reliable source for quality online content.

Investment Requirements

  • Development Team: 2 developers, 1 designer, and 1 webmaster, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Marketing Team: 2 marketing specialists, cost: 100,000 CHF per person per year.
  • Project Manager: Cost: 140,000 CHF per year.
  • Workspace Costs: 12,000 CHF per person per year for a total of 6 persons.
  • Marketing Budget: 1,000,000 CHF per year for 3 years
  • Administration: 6% of the total costs.

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Personnel: 1,260,000 CHF (2 developers, 1 designer, 1 webmaster, 2 marketing specialists, 1 project manager)
  • Workspace Costs: 216,000 CHF
  • Marketing: 3,000,000 CHF
  • Administration: 270,816 CHF (6% of the total costs)
  • Total: 4,746,816 CHF

Revenue Model and Profitability will generate revenue through various channels, including but not limited to:

  • Advertising: Placing advertisements on the platform.
  • Premium Listings: Fees for highlighted entries.
  • Subscriptions: Monthly subscriptions for enhanced features and tools. The platform aims to be profitable within 3 years of launching, with continued growth and expansion into new markets.

Conclusion offers a unique opportunity to fulfill the need for a centralized, secure, and quality-oriented online content platform. The investment of 4,746,816 CHF over 3 years will enable this innovative project to successfully launch into the market. With a well-thought-out business model and a clear vision for growth, has the potential to take a leading role in the digital space.


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