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Investment Overview for «»

Introduction is a committed and forward-looking portal that aims to showcase both well-known and hidden treasures of domestic tourism in Germany. With the vision of bringing more people closer to the beauty and diversity of German landscape and culture, is at the forefront of discovering and promoting unforgettable experiences.

The Concept

At, we strive to become a leading platform for excursions and tourism in Germany. Our belief that every destination has the potential to captivate visitors guides us in our pursuit to offer every provider the opportunity to present themselves for free on our site.

Investment Requirements

Personnel per Year

  • 1 Webmaster: CHF 80.000
  • 1 Developer: CHF 110,000
  • 1 Designer: CHF 90.000
  • 2 Marketing specialists: CHF 240,000

Marketing Budget per Year

  • CHF 1.000.000

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Total Personnel: CHF 1,560,000
  • Marketing: CHF 3.000.000

Investment Sum

  • CHF 4.560.000

Experience and Know-How

With our successful work on, we bring significant know-how to The synergies between the platforms enable us to create a diverse and dynamic platform for tourism destinations, leisure offers, hotels, and gastronomy businesses in Germany.


The opportunity to be part of is a unique chance to invest in a project that aims to promote the diversity and beauty of the German tourism market. With the right investment, it will be possible to make the portal synonymous with unforgettable excursions in Germany.

Ready to take domestic tourism in Germany to the next level and create unforgettable experiences for our users? Let’s work together on the future of!

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