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A three-year project to strengthen the Groups and Vouchers section of – your opportunity to participate in innovative and profitable growth.

Introduction, the leading portal for excursions and leisure activities in Switzerland, presents an ambitious plan to expand its group and voucher services. Investments in technology, design and marketing should bring this project to fruition over the next three years.

The Concept

Our concept is to expand and optimize the existing group and voucher offers through targeted investments in technology, design and marketing in order to open up new market segments and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Development of new platform features: Two additional developers will continue to develop the platform to offer more personalization and functionality.
  • Design Optimization: Two designers will improve user experience and overall look.
  • Targeted Marketing: Three marketing experts and an annual budget will enable new advertising campaigns.

Target Market

The focus is on the Swiss market, targeting both existing customers and new target groups, including tourists, group travelers and companies looking for tailor-made excursions.

Investment Requirements

  • Developer: 220,000 CHF per year
  • Designers: 180,000 CHF per year
  • Marketing professionals: 360,000 CHF per year
  • Marketing budget: CHF 800,000 per year

Total Cost (for 3 years)

  • Total: CHF 5,040,000

Revenue Model and Profitability

After a three-year investment period, the expanded areas are expected to become profitable. Revenue is generated through the sale of vouchers, group packages and partnerships.


The planned expansion of offers a unique opportunity to invest in the future of Swiss tourism. Through targeted measures and clear strategies, will consolidate its position as market leader and open up new, profitable business areas. We invite investors to be part of this exciting journey and together to set a new standard for the experience of excursions and leisure activities in Switzerland.

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